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Born in Tennessee, Music runs through his veins. Prior to signing with Tate Music Group, Ronnie Lowe has shared the stage with artists such as Orleans, Sheryl Crow, Skillet, Barlow Girl, Building 429, Pillar, and David Crowder! After attending a concert with PFR and the Newsboys, he returned home picking up his mother's guitar. He began writing songs after learning only three chords. Playing in churches, talent shows, and coffee shops spreading love and sharing his dream with anyone who would listen. He then began writing with a mature voice and started playing at conventions and retreats. Songwriting became a passion, and Ronnie developed his skill, even taking a songwriting course with Gloria Gaither. Playing in local bands really honed his craft and stage presence.  "Signing with Tate was a dream come true." Another dream come true was getting the invite to the Grammy Awards, going, and walking the red carpet with the likes of Taylor Swift, Madonna, U2, Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, and so many others. "Keep watching for me, I'll be back with my speech in my pocket, ready to take the stage." Also a member of the Recording Academy and the Americana Music Association gives Ronnie the strength and wisdom to impact the world and the people of the world everywhere he goes. "I look forward to sharing my story and learning others stories as well."


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